Paid Media


Generating leads for your website with the help of paid advertising is a kernel part of digital marketing, alongside owned media and shared media.  Unlike the former two, paid media is a rather traditional marketing technique, since you’re effectively contracting a third party (or several) to broadcast your message. 

This is a powerful, cost-effective channel that can significantly boost growth, as your message is likely to reach audiences you wouldn’t be able to on your own.


Google Ads – PPC Management


According to HubSpot, almost 95% of all paid search advertising clicks are generated by Google. Particularly if you’re operating in an industry or niche that is highly competitive, Google’s pay-per-click ads will intelligently suggest your business solutions to people who might benefit from them.

If it sounds easy, know that it’s anything but. PPC management has evolved to such an extent that marketing departments have now assigned this as a full-time role. It might seem like it’s a bother, but this channel can easily double or triple your current results. Few things compare to it when it comes to ROI.

Getting your website to the front page of Google results (and then in the first 3 listings) is often a titanic endeavour that takes years of consistency in addition to the right amount of SEO. With Google’s PPC, you can get there much faster.

Keyword Research

This is an SEO-specific practice. Basically, we will tirelessly explore alternative searches that your audience might look for when they’re trying to get to you. Aside from brainstorming, this process usually involves a series of keyword research tools.

Keyword research is necessary because it’s a fast way to increase your page rank, especially if we find widely-used, low-competition phrases. With our help, your website will strike that ideal balance between main and alternative keywords by including the most searches for your website.


Paid Social Campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn)


With people moving increasingly away from social networks, why would you want to advertise through them? Well, for one, market data indicates that LinkedIn and Facebook will still give you access to over 2.5 billion people.

Facebook might be over 4 times bigger than LinkedIn when it comes to the number of active users, but you can’t ignore the professional networking portal either – statistics indicate that as much as half of decisions makers have a LinkedIn profile.

The goal here is not to figure out which of these is better, but to play both of them to their strengths. With us, your marketing strategy for each social media platform will be tailor-made for the users and environment.


Targeted Display Advertising


Yet another form of traditional marketing is targeted display advertising. This is generally comprised of banners, images, or videos that are strategically placed on websites. Their effectiveness usually comes from specific targeting of demographics, locations, or groups that have manifested certain interests and behaviours.

Click Through Rates (CTRs) may be small, but statistics indicate that banners drive purchases in a variety of ways. As you can readily tell, these are a matter of tactics as much as they are about the message that is conveyed. 

With us, you can rest assured that your targeted ads are geo-optimized, keyword- and category-contextual, and that they are aimed at the most relevant visitors.

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